we help infants, children, adolescents and teenagers

With one or a combination of treatments we are focused on the mental health and well-being of infants, children, adolescents and teenagers.Carol A. Golly Child Therapy Center

Through extensive training, a child therapist will begin by carefully listening to your concerns about your child and family. We will review their family history so that we can do an assessment and treatment plan.

We may ask to seek information from school and other significant adults in their lives. An assessment is made of your child's strengths as well as their difficulties. We will talk with you about what to tell your child about their particular therapy treatment and how to anticipate and answer your child's questions.

In most cases we work on-on-one with your child. In some circumstances we may suggest a referral for other professional intervention as part of the support. This might include support for parents or guardians.

"We believe it is important to provide information to parents in how to best assist their child through the unique circumstances of their situation." Carol Golly