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sand therapy, what is sand play?

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"Sand Play is to the psyche what X-ray is to the body" Carl Jung

Sand play is a highly specialized technique that was originated in Great Britain by a pediatrician named Margaret Lowenfeld. She was the first to use a sandbox and small figures to allow children to express themselves in her clinic.

Her ’world technique’ instructed children to create a picture in the sand using any of the hundreds of figures she had on shelves, and then tell a story about their ‘world’

Sand play has been taught, utilized, and researched by many different professionals. Most notably, Carl Jung developed a theory of sand play which reflects internal and interpersonal conflicts and their resolution.

Carol views sand play therapy as one of the most evocative modalities for child therapy assessment and treatment.

Here is an example of an 8-year-old girl's first sand tray. In this case she is the fairy at the top of the tower observing her world as she is experiencing it... The battle symbolizes her parents high conflict divorce.


"Often parents consult with me on how to protect their child from being drawn into the circumstances surrounding the family changes." Carol Golly